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Closing the box

I'm not one to bury the lead, so:
The Magic Crayons site will be shut down this week. I won't give an exact day and time because I'm not up to the speed on the vagaries of my hosting account, how much time I've already paid for, etc.

So, if you had considered copying images from the galleries and had yet to do so, now's the time.

I had a great time bringing my old She Hulk story back from the almost-dead. The process was a joy, especially the part in which numerous artists stepped in to help tell the tale. That was, and is, humbling. Thanks again, all.

The site is -- was -- an extension of a small facet of my life. I'm not taking it down because of money woes or some wrenching, awful event. Rather, Magic Crayons was, in the end, a page, and I'm turning it. File it under the general heading of Moving On.

Again, thank you all for the interest, for the feedback, and for fiddling with the Google ads to the point that the site paid for itself ;-)

Hasta, y'all!


Hazy, crazy daze o' late summer

Which, actually, means the start of school. Not for me, but for other people in The Lair. And that means a realignment of schedules and necessaries, none of which will be clearly defined here. That, combined with the end of the original "She Hulk of Earth 2" story, has (as I expected) slowed things down over at Magic Crayons.

"So," say the assembled masses (OK, all five of you), "when's the next update, Eegs?"

Soon, I'd say. I'm working on a big chunk o' artwork that should be finished next week. It's not my pencils or inks; I'm coloring it and doing other finishing touches, and I've received the permission of the person pulling the string on it that I may post it in the AARRR!! Gallery.

So, stay tooned. This is actually a project that I had to set aside for months while I focused on SHoE2. Now the reverse is true.

Meanwhile, enjoy the now-prodigious lump o' stuff at MC.


UPDATE: One book, one boom

Just one thing added to the site for this update, but it's a big one, at least on paper. I call it "Librarian," for lack of imagination. It's a one-page muscle-growth sequence featuring an employee of the public library system who does some off-hours browsing and taps into a last chapter that, for FMG fans, is overdue. Well, not really, I just wrote that for the pun. I remember an FMG story at Diana the Valkyrie years ago called "The Librarian." It's pretty standard stuff in FMG for the subject to be namby-pamby. Anyway, it can be found in the AARRRR! Gallery. Let me know what you think.


UPDATE: Havoc, kisses, cavewomen

OK, break time's over. Time to wheel out some stuff. And thanks to one my fine cohorts, the splendiferous Lord Havoc, I have a "woo!" pinup to share with y'all. The thumbnail at left is just a taste, kids. For the full frontal, go the Green Gallery, where you'll also find an image from the old "SHoE2" story. It's the moment where Sheila and Nick swap spit, um, before the bad stuff happens.

Lord Havoc, by the way, is happily accepting commissions. The guy has a great style (especially if you're manga-inclined) and terrific coloring chops. Give him a whirl! He can be contacted via his Web site, The Lunar Diaries.

Also, in the AAARRRR! Gallery, I dropped in a cavewoman drawing I did a few days ago for a draw-off contest at the Digital Webbing forum.

That's it for now. Rest assured, folks, I'm still tinkering with words and pictures, and collecting art from my friends here and there. Magic Crayons remains a work in progress. Granted, the process will slow a bit, now that the original text for the story is full posted. We were able to hang a lot of art on that baby. I'm working on the further adventures of Sheila, but it'll take a bit to complete the text and assemble the art. Meanwhile, the galleries will stay busy.



UPDATE: Da Biiiiig Finale!

As promised, all the fireworks are going off at once in the final (for now) chapter of "She Hulk of Earth 2." Going out widda bang, indeed.

When I first started this project several months ago, David C. Matthews was among the artists I approached for help in illustrating the story. DCM was enthusiastic, appreciative ... and hellaciously busy. Far be it from me to slow David's efforts in cranking out some of the finest stories and art in femmuscledom. Tetsuko. Satin Steele. Dyna. Stunning stuff, all.

So I'm absorootly thrilled to have what David says is his first shulkie-esque pinup, anywhere, gracing Chapter 22, titled "Showdown." It's farkin' incredible, folks.

But that's not all. In this chapter, Sheila goes fist to fist with a big -- really big -- ugly (text and visuals courtesy of moi). Joining the illo fray is that pajama-clad Thunder God of femmuscle, The Manic. He gives us a high-voltage, two-panel bit of growth that's, um, Manic-esque. More examples of Mr. M's work can be found at this Yahoo group. He also has an ongoing webcomic, Stellar, going up at White Lightning (N even remotely SFW!).

Lastly but not leastly, Yatz appears for the second straight chapter with muscular action pinup. Much thanks, Big Y, and to everyone who made this finale what it is.

So is this it? No more adventures of Sheila Huckaby? Well, it's certainly the end of the original tale, the one I concocted yeeeeeears ago. It's also the end of a process that began several months ago, when I decided to launch and spotlight a repackaged "SHoE2."

Those who read Chapter 22 to the very end will know the answer to "Is it really over?" But the truth is, I'm back at square one. No backlog of art or text. So we'll have to let MC simmer for a while as I learn what ingredients I can bring to the table, and how long it'll take to serve the next dish.

OK, epicurean metaphors aside, I want to thank all the artists and others who contributed to "She Hulk of Earth 2" or threw feedback my way. So, a big, stinkin' huzzah to Lord Havoc, FemForte Fan, Wreck Shop (hurry back, bud!), The Manic, Pete, Tom Burgos, Naenae, Jonathan Rector, Yatz and David C. Matthews.

Cheers, y'all!


UPDATE: Gathering for the Showdown

All the pieces are moving into place. We're almost there. Hell, we just a few days from "there."

It's time to release the feline from the burlap. Chapter 21 of "She Hulk of Earth 2," posted today, is the story's penultimate portion. If all goes according to my nefarious, wine-addled plan, the tale will reach its end with this Saturday's update. And I've got a helluva wrap party planned, kidlets. I'm gonna reveal some details here. But first...

As for today's update, Sheila, her dad and Lt. Diamond are all heading to the base, where something nasty is going on off-camera. Sheila, realizing she has a crummy sense of direction, looks up a new friend for help ... and for an unplanned fashion makeover.

The chapter features another image from Jonathan Rector, the gentleman from Digital Webbing and from a blog called Art Jolt that he shares with a handful of other artists.

It also features the debut here of Yatz (slice shown above), one of the cooler denizens of the femmuscle crowd. Yatz has been illustrating and caricaturing and T-shirt-making for years. He popped up a few years ago at a She Hulk fan site. Before we knew it, he was posting kickarse Shulkie art. His buff femmes have graced the pages of LH-Art, and he's got his own Web site.

As always, versions of the chapter art are in the story galleries.

Update bonus! The Green Gallery features the remaining Sheila commissions I collected at the San Diego ComiCon. Well worth a looksee.

Now, as for Saturday's posting: I wanted to make the final chapter not unlike the grand finale of a fireworks show, and with the kind help of my artful co-conspirators, that's what we've got. Sure, there will be, from a text pt. o' view, action, suspense and family togetherness. But the art. Oh, ho, ho. In addition to some Eegore illos, Chapter 22 of "She Hulk of Earth 2" will sport foot-stompin' efforts by:

The Manic!
and (wait for it...)

David C. Matthews!!

Yep, Mr. Tetsuko/Dyna/Satin Steele hisself has tossed in a piece that, well, when I first opened the email containing the illo, I nearly yelped with joy. And Manic's piece for the chapter ... well, it's Manic, for god's sake! The man flat-out knows how to do 'em big in all the right places.

We got this baby purrin' now! Wooooohooo! See y'all then!


UPDATE: Closing in on Big Finish

Sheila is soaring across the great expanse of the southwest U.S., heading for the big showdown
with Blonsky and his military minions. Considering the immeasurable might packed into Ms. Huckaby's curvy frame, it sounds like this might be a one-sided affair. But never underestimate a scientist when he starts getting a wee bit unhinged. It's all about "Choices Made," Chapter 20.

Head to the story gallery for a heftier version of the chapter's single illustration, which captures Sheila in flight. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

The big finish is right around the corner, folks. And ol' Eegore has some treats in store for you. Yes, he does. Heh, heh, heh...